What Can Be Done To Clean Up Meth Lab Locations

What can be done to clean up sites where meth labs have been operating? Without contaminated soil remediation and meth lab cleanup, the property will not be safe to use for anything. There is help available, though. One can get meth testing Denver services from contacting firms such as DS Environmental Consulting. These firms offer meth lab consulting in Colorado. They also coordinate the cleanup and make sure the site is safe. Meth labs use a collection of very dangerous chemicals that leave dangerous residues in the surfaces of buildings and in the air.

Why Do Meth Labs Present Such Dangerous Hazards?

Meth labs are often run by inexperienced, unqualified individuals who are more interested in making money than promoting safety. They are mixing very dangerous chemicals in substandard lab settings without the proper equipment. There are fires and explosions on too many occasions. Even if this does not happen, the lab sites are left with dangerous chemical residues that must be dealt with. The owners of the buildings containing the meth labs are usually not aware their tenants are engaged in making meth. When these people leave the premises, the owners discover what has happened and must take action.


The dangerous chemicals used to make meth include anhydrous ammonia, acetone, Freon, battery acid, paint thinner, ether, iodine crystals, lithium, drain cleaner, and red phosphorous. They are even more dangerous when combined. The meth that results comes in powder, tablet, crystal, or rock forms and is sold as an illegal stimulant. It affects the central nervous system and is very addictive. The residues left behind need to be remediated by skilled professionals with specialized equipment and protocols.

Meth Lab Remediation

If a suspicious tenant moves out or is arrested and removed from a property and the owner suspects they have been cooking meth or other dangerous drugs, the property must be tested. Environmental consulting firms offer meth testing Colorado Springs services. They will test for other contaminants also. The services and process go like this.

Meth lab identification and screening
Preliminary site assessment and testing
Development of a remediation plan and recommendation of a remediation contractor
Remediation work
Post remediation testing and assessment of the clean-up levels

The whole process must meet EPA and CDPHE requirements and conform to the RCRA, or Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and VCUP, or Voluntary Clean-up Program requirements. Consulting firms specializing in environmental cleanup work are familiar with these requirements and help property owners deal with them and end up with a property that can be used again. For more information, visit the website.